, attached to 1998-08-07

Review by JMart

JMart Happy 22nd birthday to a fun show. My cousin and I attended the 7/31 show together in Columbus (his home turf) so we figured we’d call it equal if he and his sister drove down for this one. Halfway to the venue my bud remembered he forgot his ticket back in chapel hill. Bummer. Brief thunderstorm gave way to the opening pairing of water/drowned. I recall good renditions of stash and foam in the first set as well as the big col forbin/mockingbird bust out. I was a big enough fan at the time to know it was a big deal, but not to assess the execution. Thank goodness for @ucpete! Second set featured an absolutely filthy mike’s jam. Trey went off hard for a minute or two, just tearing up the fretboard. Bearing in mind they’d played Disease in Atlanta the show before, it was surprising to hear the beginnings of a tease in weekapaugh. It sounds as though Trey caught himself about halfway through the lick and buried it. This waste is my favorite version of a tune I really don’t enjoy that much. The solo is beautiful. Listen to the foam, stash, mikes, and paug
, attached to 1997-08-13

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos This show is for sure all about the first set, but don't sleep on the second set either. Fantastic versions of Stash, Gumbo, and Crosseyed in the first set. And to think that at this time, Crosseyed was still a rather rare song and had only been played a handful of times since the Halloween 96 debut. I really like where this Stash jam goes so early in the set. The Gumbo is must-hear Phish. Maybe the next best jam to the Went Gin from this summer tour? You be the judge and you don't have to pick a favorite.. they can be co-favorites! I was surprised to see that this version of Ghost was not on the Jam Charts. I really liked this version, more than a few others on this tour. Great segue into Izabella, too. Kind of a funny mid-set Sleeping Monkey.. definitely more of an encore song nowadays. McGrupp>Sample is a bit of a slower segment, but that funky 2001 picks things right back up, and the Golgi>Frankenstein closes things strong. Overall one of the best shows of Summer 97, with one of the marquee jams of the tour in Gumbo
, attached to 1997-02-14

Review by LizardwithaZ

LizardwithaZ Rating: 6/10 Belgian Francs This is a very up and down show. Nothing in it that reaches the levels of London, and some off placement on some of the songs. Standouts are YEM, Disease, and Reba. Jim is a nice start to this show, and a well-played version. Jim openers are always nice! Some good playing from all parties. Bodes well! NICU is the perfect placement. Great flow to this set so far. YEM: great version! The section following tramps gets really quiet with some lovely playing from Trey. Not what I would call typical YEM at all. Really cool. Mike has some weird effect going for Drums And Bass, but it works. Vocal jam is nothing too extraordinary and just kind of dies out. Sweet Adeline mid first set is an interesting placement. It kind of works though. Axilla: the energy is back! Trey’s tone is Perfect and Fishman is a beast. It’s Ice: Trey doesn’t exactly nail the composition here, but it’s mostly fine. The break down section is just Page providing a mostly classical sounding solo (playing all alone) before taking it slightly atonal with some Mike in the mix into the end of ice. I like this version! Billy Breathes: not really ready for a down song here. This set is very up and down so far in terms of energy. I mean, I love BB, but this is maybe not the best spot for it. Still, nice soloing from Trey. Uncle Penn puts us back on track with some energy followed up by a great Antelope! Let’s say this about ‘lope: if I had to choose one song to end every first set it would be Antelope. Even an average Antelope is awesome. This one gets interesting in the middle with some cacophonous jamming leading into the stop, which sees Fish continue to whale on the drums for another few measures. Then it comes on home, followed up by the infamous “see you in 15 minutes.” Set 2 Bag struts its stuff. Some really good jamming in here, and it takes its time. Bodes well. Ya Mar stretches it’s legs a bit with some nice playing, and a little bit of vocal silliness. Disease feels like the first song of this tour to sniff true type 2. It’s another round of cacophonous jamming and then a return to the song proper to end it. Very nice. Funky Bitch really stars Page who just tears up the keyboard. Reba! Very nice Reba jam. Who doesn’t love a Reba jam? They can suck it. This one gets messy a couple of times but still soars. From about 11:30 on is really excellent. No whistling. Intro to next song: “to make sure you don’t confuse this next song with the sauce, this song is called Walfredo, not Alfredo. I guess Walfredo is growing on me a little bit, but I still don’t think it’s very good. RAW on the other hand—I love this song. It kind of rules. Mule has a great extended piano solo from Page, and then is unfinished > A Day In The Life. Well played version to end the set. Encore: Zero. Yeah, okay.
, attached to 1997-02-16

Review by LizardwithaZ

LizardwithaZ Rating: 7/10 Deutschmarks Highlights: Crosseyed, free, steep->Bowie, Theme The energy at these Europe shows continues to be way up there! Set 1: Nice start to the show with Beauty of My Dreams. Good way to start a show, and apparently it was the debut! This is a pretty good Melt, but doesn’t do anything super memorable. The first highlight of the night comes with this Crosseyed, which is played at the right speed: fast. Fish messes up the lyrics and actually totally restarts, which is rather humorous, and then the jam gets kind of out there. It feels a little but like a turning point of the tour, as it gets pretty weird, but rather than going on as long as I wanted it to, it cuts off early. Still, nice micro jam! Guelah works in the spot. Nothing wrong with a good Guelah. Ginseng is Ginseng. I like it as the song before a good Tweezer. Compact Tweezer here that doesn’t go out there, but is perfectly solid. Waste is nothing special, but if you like Waste (and I do) this is a good spot for it. And then we’ve got the set ending fake out! Cavern! But instead of ending on Cavern we move straight into Chalk Dust! This is a rocker ending to the set, and the CDT is slightly slower than the one from a few days earlier, but possibly better. Set break: about 15 minutes. Set 2: I love Sample as a set opener, and this one is played well, but CTB kind of throws off the energy. Free, however, picks it right back up, and this is an excellent Free. The jam is quite good, and not totally typical. Sparkle is Sparkle. Nice placement. Simple does some great type 1 before quieting down and -> Circus. Swept Away> Steep -> Bowie is a fantastic sequence, with Steep dissolving into the hi hat intro. Really great Bowie that feels a lot longer than its 13 minutes. Loving Cup > Tweeprise works quite well to end the set. Encore: A really well played Theme starts the encore in a spot I wouldn’t expect to see it. Could have ended right there, but Trey’s gotta Trey, so we also get Johnny B Goode as a final farewell before the end of the night. I quite enjoyed this show, and will probably go back to Crosseyed and Bowie at least a few more times.
, attached to 1997-02-13

Review by LizardwithaZ

LizardwithaZ Rating: 7/10 Pounds The energy is very high for this show! The crowd is pumped and into it! CDT: very VERY fast version! It’s easy to forget how fast they used to play it. Blazing fast and fun! Wolfman’s: nice version, with just a hint of the funk coming later in the year. 2001: not too long, but quite good. Stash: the highlight to this point. A weird and noisy jam at points, and I always love the return to stash. Walfredo: is this supposed to be good? I don’t like it. Reminds me of a bad Spock’s Brain. Take a breath before this next series of songs... Taste> waste > poor heart > zero > peaches is absolute grade A phish. The taste rages, waste almost loses me with a slight Trey flub early but regains it’s footing, than a lightning fast poor heart. This zero though. Man, it is great. Trey really goes and gets it with a bit of wah wah. The crowd is super in to the beginning, clapping the beat during the intro. Kind of cool! And then the white whale appears, a song I will never get, Peaches! And it rules! Love Me: not sure what inspired them to do this cover, but it doesn’t really fit and breaks up the flow of an unbelievable set. Bowie: pretty good Bowie, though nothing to write home about, but it would absolutely be near the top of 3.0 Bowie’s if played today. Set 2! This is an on fire Julius, and a great way to start the set. CTB seems above average with Page really bringing the heat. My Soul is pretty standard. This PYITE is certainly...something? It’s a sloppy mess. However, it leads into this weird Jam that is well worth it and salvages a so-so set. The Jam is minimalist and cool and eventually goes into a gorgeous Slave > when the circus comes. An absolutely stunning 23 minutes of music between those 3. Maze: more audience clapping! This audience is loving it! A nice rocker of a Maze that gets a little weird at the end and doesn’t finish before > RAW. Rock-A-William. Never heard it before. This is a much better silly phish song than Walfredo. Hood> Stein: holy damn. The jam in hood goes to the place of ethereal lightness that is just beautiful. Nice little quiet section that really lets Page shine. Then they bring it back up and all of them are just locked in and letting the universe flow into the room. Unbelievable. Just fantastic Hood! But we aren’t content to end the set with a joyous good hood. Nope! The fires of Hood scare Frankenstein out of his castle and he comes roaring out to end the set in fiery fashion. And boy is that drop into Frankenstein fantastic with Page bringing the heat again. A really great set comes to a rocking end. Hot stuff! Encore! Caspian as an encore? Eh, okay. The slow build-in to the opening of the song is nice before the song really starts. I wish they would do that more often. Fish is hitting the drums kind of hard for a Caspian though, like he doesn’t appreciate not being able to rock out for the encore right away. It’s kind of a rough version, honestly, though it does improve once it gets past the main song to the Trey solo. Nice work out of Trey there once he gets going. JBG is a much more fitting way to end this show though. Nice and fiery for sure. Trey shred-fest! Highlights for me were that Jam>Circus section and that unbelievable Hood.
, attached to 2017-07-28

Review by art_vandelay

art_vandelay Nothing to complain about set 1, but other than a groovy version of Free, it's in the "solid but not spectacular" category. Set 2 is another story, with nearly every song getting an extra splash of hot sauce. The Chalkdust is one for the ages, and the band makes just about every minute count... several times I'd thought they reached the appropriate stopping point, only to build things to a new level. The peak of the jam, wow just wow, they definitely dug their heels in and blew the crowd's head off. We're talking any era, not just 3.0. I didn't know they still had that kind of game left in them, lol... Between 3 and 3.5 for set 1, and a definite 4.5 to 5 in set 2.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos Come for the Ghost, stay for the Ghost. This is a fantastic early show on the Summer Tour, and it's really all about that Ghost. This is hands down the most locked-in, funkiest, grooviest Ghost of the entire summer tour. I used to think the Denver 97 Ghost was top dog, but after several listens to this version, I'd have to say that the Lakewood Ghost nudges it out as best ever, at least in my book. The porno-funk just rages so hard and never relents. There are other great jams sprinkled throughout this show, but it really just boils down to how awesome that Ghost is. Listen to it... NOW!
, attached to 1997-08-10

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos Damn, this show kind of has it all. Coming on the heels of a killer show the night before, this night delivers even more of the goods. Highlights include Gin through Disease, SOAM, Hood, and really the whole second set, although some of the Rotation Jam goodness is lost in translation on tape. They kick things off with a really strong three-song opening sequence, with the Gin and Disease both getting the special treatment. There are a few standard 97 tunes in there, and then the epic SOAM jam. Definitely check this one out. A rare treat in Bye Bye Foot and a rock solid Hood, with Trey really urging the fans to be prompt during setbreak as the band would be back in EXACTLY 15 minutes, set your watches, don't get caught in the bathroom... This second set is quite a treat. Cities is a masterpiece and should have been played at every show in 1997. GTBT is standard-great, and the Rotation Jam through Bowie to complete the set is pure Phishy madness. I'm sure the Rotation Jam and Rock-A-William were completely insane in person, and although you can get that feeling on tape, both tunes are kind of odd and not super-listenable more than once. Bowie, equal in length to the Cities that opened the set, brings home this grand set. If I had to pick two jams from this show, I would go with Cities and Bowie. Check em out
, attached to 1997-08-09

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos The opening four-song stretch of this show is top-notch Phish. Theme really developed as a nice set one opener during the Summer 97 tour, and this version sits high among them. PYITE is kind of the "classic" set one opener so they throw that in the mix and really get the party started. You can't go wrong with Ghost->Taste anytime, and this Ghost especially delivers. Extra funky and danceable, this version can hang toe-to-toe with the Lakewood Ghost. Taste is its typical, gorgeous self. I'm not usually a big Reba fan, but this one made me feel some feelings that I haven't felt about Reba in quite some time... there's a reason it was released on a LiveBait. Crossroads..awesome bustout. The second set breaks from the typical Summer 97 structure a bit and delivers a lot of shorter but enthusiastic versions of songs that you might find elsewhere in the setlist normally. I dig the Wilson>Foam opener.. Foam had been and still is almost an exclusively first set song, this being the lone exception for many shows prior and all shows hence. This monster Mike's Groove to close the set is really fun. I'm a huge fan of Ain't Love Funny, and although this version doesn't quite compare to the Amsterdam version, I still love its placement in this set. Five "S" songs come next and all are well-played. You can hear the crowd really getting into it during SOAM when Trey and Mike start dueling, although the playing doesn't quite translate on tape. Overall a really great show during a summer of REALLY great shows
, attached to 1992-05-06

Review by Pjfmc

Pjfmc Well, basically from the opening notes of this show you can just feel a certain something in the digital tape. This one sounds particularly alive to me. A promising beginning, a great Llama followed by a beautiful Foam. The last Reba, in Chicago, was GREAT (to me anyway)... will they keep that momentum? Reader... I just... yes... yes.. they will... this is... this is IT... ok... sorry... ok... it's... uh it's very good. This is the third song? The boys... they are doing well. OK course, they will routinely do even better things with Reba but this is 1992 and this is them laying that foundation and it is so wonderful to listen to, just 4 perfect minutes. OKay, now we are cruising, along everything being done at a very high level, Brother absolutely shreds. We go off to Gamhendge, that's fun. Sparkle, great love it. Cavern, as always, perfect set closer. My Sweet One kicks of set 2. Stash is a good version, kind of dissonantish (I guess it's just that Trey is slightly out of tune, but he works it) and dark. Good Coil. Strong start to YEM. Trey yells SUCK IT (?) a few times at the beginning of tramps. Page sounds good if low-key. Jam starts off very cool, stop-start Trey trilling away. More stop-start with Trey yelling Oh! Yeah! Suck it! a few times, it is very funny and kind of weird. The jamming is great!! More "Suck It!" during bass and drums... This is the Suck It YEM... Bass and Drums is very long tonight, it is cool as heck. Crowd cheers as they begin the vocal jam... they sing the "Frito Bandito" jingle which my dad used to sing when I was a kid... Ok I love this YEM. They go into a capella Shaggy Dog- > wonderful!!! Crowd claps along, boys are howling, this is GREAT! ATR is a good call here, focus up after all the hilarity. Good Bouncing, you know what it is. Pen is fine, it's Pen. CDT is blistering as per usual. Some absolute moron keeps yelling for Hood during Terrapin. It's 28 years later and I'm mad at you guy. Good Vac solo. We hop on the A Train to Golgi App and that's the show. Extremely noisy crowd keeps being sushed during Carolina. GTBT is a great encore closer. Really good show overall.
, attached to 2015-07-31

Review by dr_strangelove

dr_strangelove 2015 was a standout year for 3.0 Phish. This summer tour was largely consistent with stellar playing, good jams, and unique song choice. I think if there is any tour of the 3.0 era that signified that Phish was really back to peak form, it was Summer 2015. This is probably the first of three truly stand-out shows leading up to Magnaball and its definitely worth the listen, particularly the entirety of set II. Highlights: 1) Ghost: Heavy bliss jamming around 8:00. Solid, upbeat jam with great interplay from everyone. Its sort of a slow but steady building towards a peak, where the volcano oozes with magma rather than erupts. I also love how it crawls towards its conclusion in that slowed down, chunky, thick molasses drudge. 2) *Kill Devil Falls*: Things get different for KDF pretty quickly. It's hard to describe, but its just good groovy energy with lots of space & funk. Multiple moments where Trey riffs on a very catchy theme for a minute or so and then goes searching for something new (in particularly, see around 18 min. Delicious). Everyone here really contributes to the astro soup. This metamorphizing monster finally coalesces at around 20:30. into an insanely epic peak. Godzilla has emerged from the icy depths to make sure we don't end this thing without chaos and devastation. Its gorgeous 3) Martian Monster: I can only imagine the energy of the crowd when the narrator first comes in after that amazing KDF. Hype city! It's worthwhile to seek out video of this one to see some of the antics going on (which aren't completely described in the show notes). Its a fun funky mess and the energy is present throughout the music even without the visual accompaniment 4) Twist: Very good bliss jam, that builds to a mini peak before a decent segue to BOTT 5) Back on the Train: short version, but Trey really shreds and builds a nice peak at ~6:20. 6) *Reba*: Trey's shaping in this version is on point! Patient building to a very gratifying peak. Stellar late set version. 7) *Bathtub Gin*: Nice Reba teases at the beginning. At 5:30, everything gets just groovy and the band is locked in. Trey is feeling the muse and the rest of the band is right there with him. At this point, I think the band is just riding high on the knowledge that they just destroyed this second set. Bravo, Phish!
, attached to 2014-08-31

Review by Dusty_Dirt

Dusty_Dirt This was the show that pushed me over the edge to see phish as much as I financially could as I was previously spending most of my show money on Dead related projects. Curtain with opener was bliss being huge Colorado 88 fan. The second set really sent me flying, especially with the sand>piper. I was also super impressed with Mike’s bass slap in weekapaug. Decided I would have to do every dicks three night run and travel states to get my fix from there on out.
, attached to 1992-07-28

Review by treynpage

treynpage My first show... 28 years ago today. I remember being really excited to see Tweezer. Finger Lakes is a great spot for a show. It was a beautiful night... Phish played until just a bit before sundown. The Phish portion was lightly attended. Shortest Phish show I ever saw... beginning of an amazing trek with this band.
, attached to 1992-05-05

Review by Pjfmc

Pjfmc The tape is second set only. CDT, Bouncing and ATR and standard and good. Foam is ok. Mikes Groove: Hey! This is an interesting version. I think it's definitely worth a listen, not standard. Mike's Jam is menacing which is par for the course. Second jam really needs to be heard, it's hilarious. I am sorry I can't really even describe it. It's silly but also still menacing. Very very fun. Very cool. Made me laugh. Hydrogen, good version. Paug! Paug has a very interesting jam, it's minimalist and repetitive and touches on the same territory as the part of Mike's that I described as funny. It's not exactly virtuosic, and it gets a bit rough but it's very different for the era. I don't think this is like an all-time great Mike's Groove but it very much needs to be heard. Am I crazy? No one else reviewing the show has mentioned this. Maybe I'm just in the right mood for it. Oddly, the rest of the set is basically by-the-numbers It's all OK of course, and with every show available on line you should hear the Mike's Groove. Contact is a good encore, the crowd loves it.
, attached to 1997-08-08

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos Come for the Gumbo, stay for the Wolfman's. This show is definitely a little bit lower on the totem pole of shows during this summer tour run, but still has some stuff worth checking out. It is also a pretty short show, with each set coming in at just about an hour. Gumbo has a really interesting section of "funk-but-not-funk" that kind of fits the 97 funk bill, but also does some unique things that separate it from a lot of other jams this tour. I really like how it kind of just dissolves into Lizards. I like that pairing a lot and it seemed to flow really well in this show. The rest of the first set is pretty standard Phish; the only thing that really stands out is It's Ice with a nice little breakdown jam in the middle. Second set starts off hot with a funky Wolfman's that covers a lot of ground and is definitely a highlight of this show. The -> Free is really nice too, and I think that stretch of jamming from Wolfman's through Free is pretty solid stuff. The set seems to drop off after that, with little jamming to speak of and some odd song choices. LxL is standard-good stuff, but a mid-second-set Loving Cup seems out of place, and follow that up with Prince Caspian and you have a little bit of a lull happening. Chalkdust somewhat redeems this set, but then it also ends right after that. I personally enjoy the IDEA of guest sit ins, but they hardly ever go over well in actuality. The novelty of this sit in is really cool, but doesn't have a ton of re-listen value. I think it would have been more well-received if Phish had played some of their own tunes without a guest for the encore, instead of leaving fans with an entirely guested encore.
, attached to 1992-05-03

Review by Pjfmc

Pjfmc All right! Let's get into it. Landlady sounds weird, I think it might be the tape, I dunno, couldn't put my finger on it. I like a Landlady opener though. Possum starts weird too and has secret language stuff but the crowd doesn't really catch it. They settle in and things are getting better. It's Ice is good. Very cool little jam in there, if you'e in the mood for a moody sort of 70s piano-jam. We cruise along through some tunes and then get a nice raging Melt. People are getting into it. I am into it. I Didn't Know is a really funny call here after that raging Melt. Not bad, literally funny. Rift is a really good song, not the best version but it might be the tape, something is just a bit lacking. Horn and RJ are good, we are eagerly awaiting set two after they rage into set break. All right, Set 2 opens with Tweezer. It's pretty good, the jam is very strong but it doesn't set my soul on fire. The boys are playing their little butts off though. I'm sure that this was a monster in what seems like an absolutely tiny venue. Horse Silent is a good call here, sounds good. Fluff is rousing (real good version). I've gotta say the Guelah here is not really doing it for me. Now... Mike's Groove. This is good. Mike's Song is menacing as hell. Trey is really pushing it here, I do hear him as being a little out of tune but he is working it. I really like this a lot. Absolutely the highlight of the show. Hydrogen keeps it up, very cool Hydrogen. Trey lays back probably because he is a little out of tune. A very fast-paced paug ensues. Trey really goes off, the pace picks up even more like halfway through. Blistering. Kind of a low-key Mango. Fishman Time is Fishman time, I've been enjoying Cracklin Rosie lately. Dinner and a Movie is a favorite of mine, this one is ok. Bouncing is Bouncing, I think it's a good call here. Then we get Oh Kee Pa into an almost maniacal Suzy closer. It's pretty great The encore is good, the crowd loves it. I say you should hear this Mike's Groove but that the show overall is mostly middle-of-the-road on tape. There is enough here that you wouldn't want to write it off completely, and I get the sense that it was probably a special show to be at but it doesn't really translate the way so many other shows do.
, attached to 1997-08-06

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos This set might actually be one of those shows where the first set delivers more than the second set. Stash in the second slot is pretty solid, and the Twist through YEM stretch is really where set one hits the highest mark. I especially enjoy the Twist->2001>Bag segment. It all seems to flow together so smoothly. And how can anyone deny a set-closing YEM? They seemed to be taking YEM pretty deep and serving up long jams during this tour, and this 24 minute version is no exception. The second set still has some noteworthy segments, particularly the Jim->My Soul segment. Although My Soul is not the most popular song in the repertoire, I enjoy it and thought this segue was unique and pretty flawless. Ghost brings a little bit more funk, but doesn't really deliver much in comparison with some of the other Summer 97 gems. The final stretch of songs in the second set and the encore are pretty average, and are probably what turn a lot of listeners away from this show. None of the jams really go too deep, although the Antelope shenanigans make it an interesting version.
, attached to 1992-05-02

Review by Pjfmc

Pjfmc READ THE BOOK! The show kicks of by running away to Gamehendge. Very good and fun, worth checking out if you're a fan (also an almost insane way to START the show). But listen, I think that the jam on Reba is well worth hearing, it's shambolic and beautiful. I'd call it a must-hear for anyone interested in this era of Phish (so, Phish fans). Maze is a great call to follow and is played well (sorry Bill, Trey [minorly] fucking up the ending does not *ruin* it!) Bouncing is fine, I could have done without it in this spot. But it is alright! STASH, heyyyyy, very good li'l guy. Coil is a good call here, it did not strike me as awful (sorry Bill). Llama goes hard and fast to close the first set. That's a real good set I. On to set II. Glide is a fun set 2 opener, the boys are having fun tonight. Bowie kicks off with a Wizard of Oz tease fest and secret language, the crowd is loving it. This is extremely fun. This show is good. To think I was probably just watching Winnie the Pooh in my pajamas on the south side of town while this was happening. Annoying. Anyway, this Bowie is fun and good as all heck, especially post Band/Crew Football Theme Song. Tela is good, slows things down a bit and reigns in that wild energy for the time being, bringing the focus solidly to the music (and back to Gamhendge). Foam is a great call here bringing the energy back up, the crowd loves it. It's not the Platonic Ideal version of Foam (Trey struggles to get in the pocket) but it's ok, the back half is pretty good and you got to love the crowd screaming periodically throughout. It's a warm up anyway for... YEM! Trey's Foam issues follow him into the opening of YEM a bit but it ain't bad. Page sounds good, don't even mind the electric piano. I like what Mike is up to as well. The washufizi section is a little funny with Mike stepping on Trey's lines but it's good. Crowd is going wild throughout Tramps. Very fun. Trey doesn't really do much during the jam for awhile hanging back and letting the other guys take center stage. It's good if a bit aimless. Then Trey comes in and... still doesn't really do much until he starts the build towards his usual wailing and it is tasty and good yes. Mike n Fish are great in their section. Like really good! VJ is pretty insane and good if you're a fan of vocal jams. The crowd gets into it and starts clapping along. Top shelf. The YEM over all is is average in the grand scheme of YEMs but it's wonderful in context. CDT brings some much needed RAWK show energy back after the extreme silliness of the long vocal jam (rumpa ding ding doe dooooe). It does it's job, you know what it is. Obligatory Fishman Fun time is a fun time. Play it now! Cavern, great closer. Sleeping Monkey, very funny call really sets up the absolutely insane bbfcfm. I mean it, insane! I've addressed myself to DollarBill a few times in this review because any .Netter making their way through earlyish Phish comes to appreciate having him as a de facto companion. I think he was in the wrong mood for this show. It is in no way a bad Trey night. This show is really awesome. Maybe I'm just in the right mood but this is borderline must-hear (in terms of '92, maybe not all time) from me. It has that special something in the tape that elevates it from just a very good show. Reba is the highlight.
, attached to 1992-05-01

Review by Pjfmc

Pjfmc Suzy starts the show off strong. This version sounded really good to me after a few listens. Band is super tight. Mike sounds really good. My Friend and PH are both tight, Landlady sounds less good but I think it's just the bootleg. Note: This is the last of the '92 And I See You's (NICUs). The song doesn't get played again until it is slightly retooled for '94! And you know what? I get it, that minute long "doo doo doo" bridge really leaves something to be desired. Sloth sounds good to me, maybe a tad shambolic but this show has a really driving energy. Very nice Divided Sky. Brief Guelah and then they stumble into It's Ice. They get through the song OK and the jam is tasty, dark(ish) and twisty (not Twist-y) leading to a well placed Horn. High Energy I didn't Know and very fun Possum to close set 1. Set TWO. They come out swinging playing fun and loose versions of Sanity and Buried Alive. The bootleg captures a very dark and cool sounding Wilson. My Sweet One takes us into Mike's Groove, all right here we are it's set 2 baby, what you got for me tonight? It is a darn good Mike's, near top shelf for the era, although Hydrogen is iffy. Trey throws in the old lyrics at the beginning. The Jam on Mikes is fiery and Paug is pretty stellar. Mound is a great call. Lizards is typically good, as is Llama. Cold as Ice is good (such as it is), the Terrapin Vacuum solo is... musical. Golgi App is a good closer and the bootleg includes the crowd cheering for an encore. The encores are good. Solid show. Mikes Groove is worth checking out and the solid playing, good energy and the Ice jam make this show worth hearing, however it is lacking a certain something to put it over the top into a must hear. Good show!
, attached to 2019-06-30

Review by Scottsquared

Scottsquared This was my first Phish show, and I'm just so glad it was. This was definitely a "greatest hits" show if you will, starting with the classic Curtain With opener. Then I heard what became one of my favorite Phish ballads, Fast Enough For You, which is actually kind of rare. Not a bustout necessarily, but is consistently a one-timer on every tour. Good Buried Alive, then a "goofy" song with Camel Walk, but very funky. Camel Walk has definitely become a bigger jam vehicle in more recent shows. Then, a really clean Reba, which was just great because at the time, Reba was one of the only Phish songs I really knew, followed by the classic rocker Sample in A Jar, which I also knew. It was also cool to see Trey switch guitars for Pebbles and Marbles at my very FIRST show because he only ever switches guitars for that song or for a popped string (which I also witnessed on 1/11/20 with TAB at the Capitol Theater). My first Page song was Tela, and it still holds up as my favorite Page vocal song to this day. Next was Mango Song, and I knew it was a heady bustout the moment I heard it just based on the crowd's reaction and the goofy lyrics. Then came Driver, which was a nice display of Tom Marshall's subtle lyrics. My first Phish set closed with a loud, heated jam in the form of Bowie. They opened Set 2 with a very experimental, free-form Mr. Completely>Twenty Years Later jam, followed by a screeching BBFCFM. Then we got the fan-favorite Tweezer, which my dad really enjoyed before what was probably the most heartfelt song played that night, Shade. Then came Most Events Aren't Planned, a nice mellow follow-up, and Makisupa Policeman. This time, Trey said "So I could hear Mike play bass!" The show ended with a fiery Chalk Dust Torture>Suzy Greenberg and a fantastic 3 song encore. Great show!
, attached to 2000-07-10

Review by Abe_Froman

Abe_Froman I know, I know, two reviews for one show? Well, I had an interesting experience recently. I've had the audience tape for this show for 20 years. And it's a pretty good tape, and a good mix of audience and band. And the energy from the audience made songs like Sand, Bathtub Gin, Split Open and Melt shine. It's how I remembered the show, dancing high up on the Deer Creek lawn. But..I pulled the matrix from the spreadsheet a couple of weeks ago. And Sand in particular was pretty flat, Bathtub Gin was, eh, ok, and I was kind of disappointed. Until What's the Use. WOW. The clarity of the SBD mix left me stunned. I'm not sure if the source of the old tape I have circulates, but in the meantime, grab the spreadsheet source, head to Fee, and enjoy.
, attached to 1997-08-03

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos This show doesn't quite reach the heights as the previous night, and seeing as they played some of the bigger jams on night one, it's no surprise this show doesn't quite stack up. That said, it's still a well-played show with some highlights worth checking out. The Gin>Foam opening combo is really tight and gets things started off on the right foot with 25 minutes of solid music. The Samson Variation is a fun little ditty, and then you have a whole stretch of standard Summer 97 songs in Dirt, Vultures, and MMGAMOIO. The Twist through LxL segment is definitely the highlight of the first set, check out this segment for sure. Standard Zero set closer. Second set, although well-played, is a little awkward in song choice and in jamming, which was more sparse than night one. Nothing really stands out as "must hear," but all of the songs were well-played and make for a good set of music. A little odd to have the acapella song and then the set closer. Pretty standard encore as well. If I were revisiting Summer 97 shows, this one would probably fall a little lower on the list overall, since there are so many great shows to choose from.
, attached to 1997-11-13

Review by LunaticMoose

LunaticMoose This show is a good indicator of what the rest of the tour will be like: funky & groovy. With the second song of set 1 being Black-Eyed Katy's debut (of what would eventually become Moma), you just get hit with a giant wave of a groove that would make a paralysed man jump up from his wheelchair and dance the night away. The next highlight of the first set is this Melt, which has something I love to see in a Melt, a semi-melodic jam instead of the usual intense craziness which comes with a standard Melt jam. After a catchy groove in the YEM/Zero combo that closes the first set, we get treated to what is probably the highlight of the show: the Stash. A solid '97 style jammed out Stash gets pretty spacey in the middle which creates for an amazing 20+ min jam. Credit to the taper of this show on phish.in because holy crap I loved the second set. The late 97 mix has the perfect amount of bass and it really shines in these shows, just listen to PYITE & Hydrogen and you'll see what I mean. Highlights of the show: Black-Eyed Katy, Melt, STASH.
, attached to 1997-08-02

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos This is a very solid debut show for the Phish at the Gorge, and probably the stronger show of this two-night run. Theme opener was pretty common on this '97 tour, and I gotta say, I'm kind of a fan of it in the opening slot. It definitely puts you in the Gorge state of mind. The other first set highlights are the Ghost, which they had been playing almost every show on this tour, Wolfman's, and SOAM. The Ghost jam has some really great playing from Page and can be best described as "funky clown music." Wolfman's continues the funky jamming, and SOAM caps off a fantastic first set. The second set, however, is definitely where this show earns its stripes. This Disease brings things to the next level and segues so nicely into Tweezer. Although not the best Tweezer ever, this Disease -> Tweezer combo is 35 minutes of top-notch Phish, followed by another flawless -> into Johnny B. Goode. I love Trey asking for total darkness during the Hood encore to enjoy that awesome "outdoor vibe" at the Gorge. Wish I was back there right now
, attached to 2003-07-19

Review by Doug_Butter

Doug_Butter This was my first show when I was just 16 years old. We drove from Michigan and my dad dropped me and a friend off. It was a complete culture shock arriving at the lot. I remember buying a beer for a dollar and being uncertain as to whether or not we were allowed to being doing this, so my friend and I jumped into a port-a-potty and chugged them. I only knew Reba, Lawn Boy and YEM, I was still new to Phish, but I loved every second of this show. When they hit the peak of Maze it totally blew my mind. There is an excellent video of this on youtube that is pro shot. I love being to relive this life changing night.
, attached to 1992-04-30

Review by Pjfmc

Pjfmc Oh yes. I will take a Curtain opener followed by SOAM, thanks so much guys. Very fun SOAM. Deft transition in Fee-> Maze, and the Maze is really good! Best of the tour so far (probably). We are then treated to very-good-for-the-era Reba, albeit with a bit of a stumble at the end. This show is very good so far. You can feel the buzz spreading through UW. Pen is nice. Stash is incredible, Trey shredding, the band locked in, they are on fire in this set! Rift is decent, still a newer song. Esther is kind of a funny call here. But it doesn't matter because... MONSTER Antelope here! Machine Gun Trey is in the f*cking building folks. Set 2. We Glide into a must-hear Tweezer, Bruce Hampton (apparently) playing trumpet, Trey screaming Bruce Hampton and cackling. Very good jamming as well. Coil is Good, My Mind... is also good. We are looking forward towards Y.E.M. What does the YEM hold? It's missing a minute, I know that there are complete versions out there somewhere... It's pretty good! Mike and Fish are locked in. Good Trey and Page interplay. I like it. Horse Silent, great call. Chalk is ok, nothing special. Fish really goes in on Cracklin' Rosie tonight! I really felt good about Hood Here, just found myself enjoying the heck out of it. Tweeprise, great closer. Cavern is a perfect kicker. Great show tonight. Band locked in, everyone giving a great performance.
, attached to 1992-04-29

Review by Pjfmc

Pjfmc Tape starts in Suzyus res, high energy but a little clunky, could be the recording though. It's fun. Good Foam. I still really like Sparkle. It's Ice rocks tonight. Nice, solid playing throughout the whole first set. Bowie rocks. Second set gets off to a very good start with Landlady and a very, very tasty Possum. This Possum is the highlight of the show in my opinion, and honestly might be a must hear version of the song. Next highlight for me is Llama, very fiery. Mike's gets off to a rough start. Trey goofs up. Everything cruises along afterwards, not much happens. Trey intros Fish before 'paug is even over... Bottom line, that Possum is an all-timer. The first set is pretty good. That Mike's was primed to be better than it is, especially since they were on a roll with Mike's at this point. Oh well! I like Phish.
, attached to 1998-07-15

Review by life_boy

life_boy Really fun tour opener. The band sounds like they're having a great time being back in the States playing outdoors. The new SOTG material matches the summer mood brilliantly and Trey even says they really enjoy playing the new songs. This one has a notable Horn->Jam which is lovely, a rollicking CTB, and the super fun party Tweezer with California Love sandwiched in. Don't sleep on the fantastic Limb by Limb or the uniquely funky Free. Personal ranking: 90/100
, attached to 1997-07-31

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos Great show that is obviously overshadowed by the surrounding shows. Both sets reek of the mid to late 90s... and that's a great thing. First set highlights - great Ghost > Ya Mar opener and really deep LxL. The set closing YEM has a really weird jam in it, but weird is always good. The Jim that kicks off the second set is not talked about nearly enough. It is 23 minutes chock-full of gooey '97 weirdness. This Jim, as well as the later Mike's Groove, has a psychedelic sound that is not quite 94-96 Phish and not fully the Fall '97 funk that would develop over the next few months. I personally really like this type of sound; sometimes the funk can be too much and I need the chaotic jamming that Phish is so well known for. A very smooth -> When the Circus Comes and then a few classic late 90s tunes in Vultures and McGrupp, a song that grown on me the more I re-listen to summer '97 in which they seemed to play it somewhat frequently. The Happy Birthday tease and shoutout to Jerry in Weekapaug was really cool to hear and I can only imagine what it would have been like to be at this show and hear Trey acknowledge the impact of Jerry's passing on the community. Love a rare cover for the encore!
, attached to 2012-08-15

Review by hansokolow

hansokolow I just gave this one a relisten after many years. Such great energy this night. I remember the venue being a bit crappy in a lovable way. Like an old skating rink. It felt old school and a bit cheap, but right at home. Walking into the venue, the building is part of the Long Beach Aquarium complex, I think, so the whole circular building has a giant underwater scene mural with whale and fish and everything. Kind of great for a Phish show, a giant fish tank. But, lest it be forgotten, I don’t think anyone’s mentioned here that, once inside, word got around the place that Justin Bieber was in attendance, I think with his GF at the time, Selena Gomez. They were at the soundboard all night, apparently. This was around the time when Bieber “borrowed” Chris Kuroda to run lights for his tour. So I guess he was there checking out the light setup. Anyway, you couldn’t help but feel that the band was almost showing off for the Beebs, trying to blow his mind. That’s what it felt like when Rock and Roll (so good!) got really weird. It was like, eat this, Bieber. Anyway, it’s all speculation, but that was the buzz in Long Beach. Such a great energy that night. I sure would love to see one like this right now, but we’ll have to wait a year (or more) until the Covid passes. Stay safe, y’all.
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