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This is a continuation of the “Remember Mix(ed) Tapes? No? What Are ‘Tapes’?” blog post from last year, which you may want to review before reading further. Simply put, in the late 1990s, I liquidated a lot of tapes in my collection for a number of reasons, and because, waaay waaaaay back then, it wasn’t possible to (re)listen to everything online with ease, I saved/preserved certain versions of songs on tapes aka mixtapes to listen to again. I have 22 of such tapes numbered as such, and you can see the first 13 tapes’ track lists in the original post, and the track lists of tapes 14-22 below.

Bottom line? Since I bothered to record (preserve) the versions below on new tapes before liquidating the shows/tapes that they were on, I recommend you listen to them, even though with the benefit of decades of hindsight, they may not necessarily be jamchart-worthy or "must hear." That said, I see my favorite normal-lengthed Stash (5/19/94) is here, as is the Linus and Lucy Hood, and my favorite FEFY (8/17/93). So there’s that. And there are definitely many other “must hear” versions of Phish songs below, like the 6/24/94 Antelope (and some hilarious versions of songs, too, e.g. Fish on Undun, the intro to the 4/27/89 Bowie).

And I’m just now finding out that apparently the 5/11/87 Clod (on Tape 14) doesn’t circulate online (I bothered to save it to tape so it must have been on my tapes of 5/11/87 that I liquidated decades ago, sigh). I will see about getting it digitized. More sighing. ANYWAY, I hope you find the following entertaining if not also useful and inspiring! And if you don’t? You just might, maybe, perhaps, if only a little, suck at Phish. -charlie

© 2024 KingMoron420
© 2024 KingMoron420

Tape 14

Side A

Side B

3/18/97 Cars Trucks Buses

12/3/92 …Reba

3/17/89 Mike’s Groove [MISLABELED TAPE. 7/23/88]

12/3/92 Antelope

3/30/89 Undun

4/16/94 Stash

4/24/87 …DEG

12/4/96 Timber Ho

4/24/87 I Will Set You Free

9/27/91 …YEM

3/3/90 My Sweet One

9/27/91 Tweezer Reprise

5/11/87 Clod

Tape 15

Side A

Side B

12/4/96 Mike’s Song

5/27/89 …Bowie [MISLABELED, 4/27/89]

6/24/97 …Reba

11/21/92 Buffalo Bill

9/8/88 Whipping Post

11/27/92 Faht

5/27/89 String Changing Nature [MISLABELED, 4/27/89]

4/30/92 Tweezer

5/27/89 Sloth [MISLABELED, 4/27/89]

4/30/92 YEM vocal jam

5/27/89 Bowie… [MISLABELED, 4/27/89]

12/3/92 Weekapaug

11/19/92 Poor Heart

11/19/92 Fast Enough For You

11/19/92 Llama

Tape 16

Side A

Side B

5/3/93 Tweezer>

11/22/94 Funky Bitch > JAM

5/3/93 Manteca>

10/17/85 Mike’s Song ->

5/3/93 Tweezer

10/17/85 DEG

12/31/93 …YEM…

10/17/85 Revolution

10/22/95 …Tweezer->

10/17/85 Anarchy

10/22/95 Makisupa

10/17/85 Camel Walk

6/10/94 ….Tweezer

Tape 17

Side A

Side B

11/19/92 Lengthwise

4/27/91 Tweezer

11/10/95 …YEM->

11/21/91 …Weekapaug

11/10/95 Crossroads->

2/7/93 YEM

11/10/95 YEM

5/1/93 …Great Gig in the Sky>

10/22/96 Freakapaug

5/1/93 Weekapaug

3/28/93 Pez Song

3/28/93 Love You

Tape 18

Side A

Side B

6/24/94 Antelope

7/23/97 …Ghost

2/21/97 …YEM

12/15/95 David Bowie

2/3/86 DEG

12/15/95 ..It’s Ice>

2/3/86 YEM

12/15/95 Bathtub Gin

2/3/86 Prep School Hippie

Tape 19

Side A

Side B

5/19/94 Stash

4/19/92 Mike’s Song >

5/6/93 Tweezer

4/19/92 Hydrogen >

4/18/92 Harry Hood

4/19/92 Weekapaug

11/19/95 …Tweezer…

9/2/87 The Chase->Lushington->

9/2/87 Possum

8/12/93 …Tweezer

8/9/97 …Weekapaug

Tape 20

Side A

Side B

11/17/97 …Johnny B. Goode->JAM

8/17/93 Fast Enough For You

6/24/88?? ’90 demo? YEM [may be 7/23/88’s YEM]

7/3/97 …Ghost

8/17/93 Fluffhead

12/13/97 …Ghost

7/15/98 …JAM (cuts)

Tape 21

Side A

Side B

5/8/92 Wilson

12/13/97 Ghost [dunno why this is here and also on Tape 20 but whatever]

5/8/92 Stash

[5/8/92??? Reba]

5/8/92 YEM Vocal Jam

11/6/96 …Mike’s Song-> [Second]JAM

11/7/96 Bathtub Gin

Tape 22

Side A

Side B

12/31/97 Mike’s Song>

11/18/95 YEM

12/31/97 Piper

11/20/98 Bathtub Gin->

11/21/98 Tubthumping

11/20/98 Piper

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, comment by dscott
dscott Cool post! I loved squeezing fillers onto the ends of tapes, but I was never a mixed tape guy. So, this is all a fascinating new world to me.

FWIW, 5/11/87 Clod does circulate digitally. The newer recording of the show, which is found on Relisten, is missing Clod and Ya Mar from Set 1. The older circulating recording of the 1st set, which includes those 2 songs, can be found on
, comment by The_Gamehendge_CD_Rom
The_Gamehendge_CD_Rom Great post. I was just thinking the other day about how - when it comes to official releases - I'm actually more attracted to compilations that bring together hot tracks from a run or tour than I am to complete shows. This is the DIY version of that. Very cool.
, comment by mcgrupp81
mcgrupp81 I only created on mix disc over the years and it’s called Phish Plus.
10/30/90 Llama
5/17/92 Possum
3/14/93 YEM
12/5/95 Hood
3/20/92 Antelope
, comment by Phish99
Phish99 That’s an impressive and organized collection in the photo. Still have my Phish cassettes, and I’m glad I do!
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