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, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by Fluffyfluffyhead

Fluffyfluffyhead **NEWS FLASH**
North Charleston, SC

Mike Gordon destroys local hockey rink with homemade bombs.
Fans rejoice!
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by phishmayan

phishmayan still to me, one of the most solid, top to bottom shows of fall 2010. Completely overlooked because of manchester, utica and atlantic city. i think that in time, this will be one of the most classic of the fall.
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by EVaNBeLOW

EVaNBeLOW Hard to choose where to start on this one. The lot scene to my surprise was very chill. We left the lot around 530 to get a good spot in line. We had been very close the first night and were on a mission to repeat that. I was close enough to see each band member and they all had smiles the whole time. The energy in this hockey rink was incredible due to a mixture of a fire set list from top to bottom, unbelievable lights (thank you CK5!), SC phans starving for phish, and the rest of us who came from all over to see the boys rock the South like they always day.

Kill Devil Fall- Right out the gates I was pumped and had an ear to ear smile, i really like this song as an opener, it has a very similar effect to chalkdust and definitely gets the crowd moving right out of the gates.

Guehlah- In this era Guelah has been very rare so definitely appreciated this one. Love the end when Trey and Mike do there little jig. Song definitely cooled us down for what was in store....

Curtain With - Someone had a sign for this the night before. Loud screaming followed by smile. From here on the band was on a mission. I remember hearing the opening riff and thinking hollly shit this is happening, and then immediately wondering could there be a with. Then it came. The whole band was on point during this whole song. Not only was this unexpected but then

The Mango Song- mangos...yumm....smile..They fired right into this one, another unbelievable surprise, really enjoyed dancing to this one.

Sand- Still smiling? Are you kidding me? OF COURSE Curtain With>The Mang Song>Sand...I couldn't even dream of that. Trey lights this jam up and then I started to realize I was witnessing definitely the best show of 2010, if not the best show of 3.0. I'm not saying this as someone who listened to three shows this summer. I have listened to the whole summer tour and this was without a doubt the best Phish I had heard. I digress....

Limb by Limb- I love this song and until this point had never seen it in person, so my smile continued. Trey again was on fire for this solo, and it was everything I could've wanted out of limb.

Sneakin' Sally through the Alley- dance parties make me smile. Trey on fire here. Shit Trey was on fire the whole night.

Uncle Pen- rockin roll/bluegrass fusion hoe downs make me smile too

Pebbles and Marbles- First Round Room song I had seen live, and boy did they nail it. I think at this point it is safe to say that 6 of the 11 songs from the first set were bustout/rare songs.

Cavern- thought this was the set closer for sure, and was thrilled. Trey had some great fills. Love this song.

David Bowie- Like I said before thought Cavern was closing first set, and thought at first they were going into Maze and was so pumped, but always love Bowie too.

Cross Eyed- They really picked up right where they left off with this one, great jamming and great set 2 opener that no one expected.

Dirt- Love this song, and was needed after the 16 minutes of high energy from Cross Eyed.

Fluffhead- really smooth segue here. This is one of those songs I could hear at every show and would never complain. I was definitely pleasantly shocked as they had played it in Broomfield. The arrival is a great display of Trey and where he is now.

2001- very funky intro by Page, with some good jamming. The one I caught in Raleigh felt a lot shorter, this one had some serious groove to it.

Tweezer- short but sweet, love tweezer Period.

Show of Life- I really like this song, and it was a great contrast to everything that we had just heard, and a great way to cool as down before the always reliable...

YEM- not much to be said, this song is always amazing to see, love watching the trampolines, trey dancing, mike dropping bombs, glowsticks, everything except knowing that this was the end to set 2.

I Been Around- side note this was very cool because a girl was holding a sign that read "no glowsticks on stage" under that she wrote "I Been Around". Never had even heard them play this. It still gives me chills as I listen to the download, as does much of this concert.

Quinn the Eskimo- Two bustouts in the encore...

Tweezer Reprise- of course this was coming, but love it everytime

As I said before in my opinion this is the best Phish of 2009-2010 so far. As excited as I was for the rest of fall tour before this has multiplied that by 100 as the boys have gotten better and better. From when they first got back to fall tour 2009 to summer tour 2010 to second leg to fall it has been amazing watching them progress. If you like Phish download this...it was really a special show.
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by SneakySally

SneakySally This was an epic show... especially after a sub-par friday night that had zero jamming and its only highlights were a couple of rare treats. But all short songs totally devoid of any musical expression or creativity.

This show though was amazing. I don't want to go one like some other reviewers do... But I knew it was on when they threw down the curtin. I think every the other songs speak for themselves, 7 song second set is always a good thing ( especially after playing 40 songs the night before). Crosseyed was the best I've ever heard, handds down epic. And the crowed was going so crazy during YEM, I thought the place was going to collapse. The band totally felt it too and blew it wide open. I didn't even mention that Tweezer that was a total face melter.... just an epic show...
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by mgouker

mgouker Hmmm... this is a funny one. When I left the show Saturday night - a couple weeks ago - my memory of the show was simply blistering. The second set completely impressed me with its unusual extended improvisation (for Fall 2010 tour), but I also believed the first set was at the level of the second set of Friday's show. On listening to it again, there were some good playing in the first set, principally "Kill Devil Falls" (an average version, which is nearly always good), "The Curtain With" (nailed - some of the best playing of Fall 2010 period), "David Bowie", and "Sneakin' Sally", but much of the rest is pretty messy. "Sand" and "Pebbles and Marbles" are the next tier, but they don't hold up to the rest of the playing of the tour. Sand is always nice, but this one was just getting going when it left me hanging. "Pebbles and Marbles" is a nice song, but it needs to be played more. This one isn't messy like some have been, but it doesn't peak like it needs to - and it's funny I remember just the opposite feeling when I was watching the band rip it up. Distortions... "Mango Song" is pretty messy and it's lack of luster grimes up a lot of the set. They sounded like they were really struggling there. It needs to be practiced more (the Manchester one was better fortunately).

So, the first set was disappointing after listening again. It's a bit less than I had hoped, but still has some great moments.

Now I have the complete opposite reaction with the second set. It is even better than I thought it was. Definitely this is some of the best music of the tour. C&P is excellent, Dirt is nicely played, Fluffhead (again NAILED!), ASZ sounds good (short but like a 94 ripping 2001), and the Tweezer is much, much better than I remember - nice jamming around the 9 minute mark. The Show of Life also sounds *EVEN* better placed here. All the transitions sound great. I REALLY, REALLY like this set. Then YEM is about average for the tour (which means good but not crushing) and there is nothing subdued about the encore either.

This second set is "must be heard" for me. The Fall 2010 is all pretty good and there are a lot of great moments, but this 10/16 show distinguishes itself with fearless exploration that we didn't get much of (not complaining here) and wonderful tension/release (with Dirt and Show of Life giving us time to breathe).

Anyway, in case it's not blatantly obvious, I really like this one. I want more. LOL
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by ghey4trey

ghey4trey best i've heard the boys play in a bit, save a few parts of the show. this was my 112th show and i have to say i was pretty pumped about the 2nd set sans the tweezer. the 1st set was about std to what i expect from PHiSH right now, save that the setlist was a bit nicer than usual. the 2nd set was where the heat was tho... it may seem like im overcritical, but im just avid about my PH.

kill devil falls: adequate opener, but trey really opened up well here and made for an enjoyable version of a song i dont particularly care for.

guelah: nearly perfect. nice second song choice. good vibes goin on for the start of the show.

curtain w/: always love seeing a curtain with or without. this was a solid version, only a little hesitation in treys riffs at the end. seemed like 1st set he couldnt quite string thoughts together like the trey we all know and love. it was good though so dont misinterpret what im saying.

mango: was excited bc i hadnt seen this in a while, but trey was having problems with the riff during the chorus. couldnt really tell why, it seemed like it may have been a technical issue, bc as someone said above Brian spent extra time w/ treys rig during setbreak. other than this flaw, the mango sounded nice.

sand: love me some sand. this one didnt stand up to the camden sand from last year, but was pretty good. out of the lyrics, the boys dropped dynamically and started feeling their way towards the build in a smooth way. fish had some nice polyrhythmic feels while trey and page danced around each other. the jam didnt quite reach potential and it seems that it was just cut short of what it could have reached.

limb x limb: still some good song selection going.. pretty solid limb. nothin bad, nothin great.

sally: best part of the 1st set for sure. funky and fun. crowd really dove in and seemed to be groovin pretty well. the vocal jam was fun here. solid all around.

uncle pen: pretty tight version. boys seemed to be having fun.

pebbles: was super pumped for when i heard the opening notes to this, as i hadnt seen it since v 2.0. have to say that it wasnt all it could have been. a little mess up here and there vocally and the jam was ok but not great. maybe a little more polishing before bringing this back out.

cavern: standard, mike played really well in this version. trey seemed to forget a lil bit of lyrics but laughed and shrugged it off. crowd seemed pretty pumped by the end of the tune.

bowie: set closer. pretty well done orchestrated parts. jam was pretty nice. had some solid "dancing" around each other and building of tension with them making the "releases" pretty well. all in all a solid bowie.

set 2
crosseyed: 1st set was good, but the heat came with this set. best set of the year imo. with the opening of this i really dug in and got psyched for what was to come. this version was super tight. had a solid jam and extended to space only to sneakily be brought back by trey who came out ready to shred 2nd set btw. the sneak back in was kind of reminiscent of the dwd from 03 nye imo. tight version all around. seemed like the boys were ready to shred.

dirt: a step back from the riproaring opener and a pretty nice version. all members took a solo which was a treat, but this may have thrown trey off a bit, bc he missed his cue into the high portion of the solo. although he recovered from his mistake gracefully and made it fit.

fluff: love me some 3.0 fluffhead. totally tight version and prolly my favorite version in 3.0. fluff through all the travels was super tight. the arrival was solid and treys solo was sick. he had some triads going in the their that sounded super tight. all in all a classic sounding version of fluff.

2001: funky/tight version here w/ some fun little bits added in. trey was adding in cool echoing notes in the intro.

tweezer: always love a tweezer, but this one had some rough patches and was quickly aborted for a segue into show of life

show of life: absolutely love this song. this version was perfect. my personal highlight of the show. cant wait to see the dude make an appearance for this tune.

yem: tight version. all versions in 3.0 have been solid as far as i've heard. page used a real tight setting during the 1st chorus break and then went to the organ for a tight solo. during the trampoline jumping trey added an extra 180 degrees to his jump and seemed pretty impressed with himself haha as was i and the rest of the ppl who noticed. treys solo started really laid back and sounded pretty sweet. mike dropped some notes to match the clapping auditorium for a few claps. trey finished up his solo with some nice fluidity and good phrasing. drums and bass was as hot as it was in boston last year and seems to be getting stronger all the time. the vocal jam lent a treat to the acute ear.. of course im referring to the guy forget quotes. if you havent heard the piper->guy forget->circus from 10/1/00 i suggest you make that a priority.. at the beginning of the vocal jam you can hear fish saying "gee forzshey" (however you wanna spell the way he says it) and through the jam it picks up and he drops the whole line "never met a man i could not forget except for guy forget. nice little treat to cap off the set.

i been around: nice little treat here. like this tune as well. well played and fun.

mighty quinn: crowd loved this. have to say i couldnt complain either. new song and a song here that dates back to 87, only to be followed by tweeprise? im game. overall a pretty tight version.

tweeprise: as always this capped off the tweezer night with an exclamation point.
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by iamYEM

iamYEM YEM...
Best musical moment of my life...
That place was ROCKING...
There is only Phish
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by phishnin

phishnin Yep, it's unanimous, and I don't normally review shows at all, but all I have to say the same thing I said about Friday:

"These two nights will definitely be talked about for years. I usually get Aud. FLACS for shows, but not these two. They were worth the $60 a night, and the Live Phish mp3s sound great. They were two perfect nights of Phish, and I want to listen to them LOUD AND CLEAR.

I hope Kuroda gets 20% Gross every show."
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by slickyG

slickyG Im suprised that the Colosseum is still standing. Phish blew the place up, the first Pebbles and Marbles since they came back and Crosseyed and Painless was balls-out phenomenal. Being in the back of the venue I saw the crowd signs for I Been Around and Quinn the Eskimo and I was hoping the band saw them, and I guess they did. Its impossible for me to depict which show was better. Antelope was ridiculous and Page destroyed Suzy thanks to the taunting of Trey. But one of the three Pebbles and Marbles since they got back together and the epic Crosseyed and Painless. Mike blasted the place during YEM and the Quinn was so unexpected. Then on the other hand My Friend, My Friend and the crazy Stash (which I unfortunately got to half way through because of the drive down from NJ) where awesome as well. I think the second night takes it because of the Curtain With which has to be one of my favorite songs and also took me by surprised again. Never the less, best show I've been too so far.
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by tripped13

tripped13 What a great SHOW! I had a 12 year hiatus from Phish that ended in Charlotte, NC on 7/2/2010. The 2 shows I have seen this year rate up with some of my best for '93-'98!

Kill Devil Falls I would rate as a decent opener and Guelah Papyrus seemed to drag a little, but my excitement broke the damn with the opening chords of The Curtain With (which I called in a phone call on the way to the show). Then my blue flame was stoked even hotter when I heard the opening lick of the Mango Song. That's where it seemed that Trey was having the first signs some technical issues, but not sure that many people noticed. Sneakin' Sally and Uncle Pen were both solid numbers that got me going. Then closing out the set with perennial favorites Cavern> David Bowie was definitely stellar. Again, Trey's technical issues reared their ugly head again in David Bowie. I couldn't tell if he was having a pedal problem or what but the guitar tech took some extra time with his rig @ set break and cleared up any of the issues that were happening in Set I.

Set II coming out with Crosseyed and Painless, Dirt and then an incredible Fluffhead! Also Sprach Zarathustra is not one of my favorites but Page brought it in with a funky groove before falling into the normal back drop. Tweezer explored itself into nowhere and Trey intuitively put it to a halt and followed with the more traditionally arranged Show of Life, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I cannot understand how the kids today can dance to the dissonant improv of a a Tweezer and then sit down when they come back with a song that is in key and in time? They must have needed to use it as a break before the You Enjoy Myself that blew me away, as it often does.

The Encore was a special treat with Trey asking Page where he has been, and Page banging out the first phrases of I Been Around. Quinn the Eskimo, personal favorite, into as intense a Tweezer Reprise as I can remember ever seeing topped off an incredible night for this old timer.

Thanks guys for another wonderful experience!
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by jmk3270

jmk3270 Best Phish show I have ever witnessed...BEST CONCERT I have ever witnessed! The guys were on fire, the crowd was on fire, the connection was there like no other. Friday was great BUT Saturday stands alone on top the mountain top (in the mist) WOW...that just happened.
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by Altheatoldme

Altheatoldme Awesome second set through the end of the encore.
Tweezer>Show of Life, YEM = 10/10
Quinn the Eskimo > Tweezer Reprise 11/10
I have never seen a Phish show end like this.
Me and my group of friends that attended this show were unanimous in our desicion. This was the best Phish show we had ever seen and Trey has not played this strong since he had become sober, years ago.

A 7-song second set? You know this show was near-perfect. No band could ever jam up a storm like the one Trey led us into on 10/16/10.
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by ND61400

ND61400 Top to bottom, a really solid show - as good as anything else 2010 has to offer. Manchester and AC have never really done it for me, so this serves as my go-to for Fall 2010. Nice first set with a high energy KDF opener, a fantastic Curtain With, and I really enjoy the Pebbles and Bowie. Second set is excellent from start to finish, not a bad word to be said about any of it. Really good show.
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by BittersweetBrotel

BittersweetBrotel I just want to say that 10/15 was my first Phish show, and I was lucky enough to have 10/16 as my second one. Can't begin to describe the place that Phish took me (sober the 1st night and not so much the 2nd). I was a fan of partying and listening to cool jams before, but after I saw them live.. I became a Phan. These guys have come back sounding cleaner than ever, which probably attests to them being clean in their personal lives. These guys are not rock stars, they are musicians. They are not entertainers, they have stagemanship. I am almost upset with myself that I didn't get into Phish more in my earlier years, but I am willing to ride out the Phish train as long as they still are able to perform. Fluff to 2001 almost made me cry. LONG LIVE THE KINGS OF JAM!
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by dpwilljr

dpwilljr I don't make a habit of reviewing shows I didn't attend, but you should check out this second set. It is superior to the first night (in my humble opinion).
Outstanding versions of every song. The Tweezer is short but full of FAT notes during the beginning part of the jam from Trey that must be heard.
I saw 'Show of Life' at Greek last summer and this version is much better. It will be one of those shows I wish I had attended and will listen to often.
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by mjrphishhead

mjrphishhead This was my first show and it was amazing! I was slightly disappointed with the first set but The Curtain, Sneakin Sally, and Cavern>Bowie were all stellar, especially Cavern>Bowie. First set: 3.5 stars

I knew the second set would be spectacular and it was. Crosseyed and Painless was just awesome. Dirt was good, but I lost it when Trey started playing Fluffhead. Fluffhead was definitely the highlight of the show for me and it segued into a funky 2001 which was awesome. I knew Tweezer was coming up next and it was. Mike tore it up. Show of Life was ok and again I called the next song which was YEM. absolutely incredible. set two: 4.5 stars

the encore started out nice with Page showin his pipes on I Been Around. Quinn the Eskimo was a very nice treat, and Tweeprise blew the roof off. the boys did great and the crowd was awesome. great venue btw. great show. cant wait till the boys come south again.
4 stars
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by gutdo

gutdo This was ok for me. It was hard to enjoy after the friday show. Friday blew Saturday out of the water. Still great, but nothing like friday.
, attached to 2010-10-16

Review by gigrant

gigrant After a long hiatus of my own, this was my return to live Phish. Great town to do it in too. I'm not going to comment on how rough the scene has gotten after all these years though so don't expect me to start ripping on the rude obnoxious idiots that seem to increase in numbers from tour to tour...

Set 1 was a disaster. Curtain With was incredible (but there was no segue into Mango or from Mango into Sand so don't expect any jamming when you listen to this show). Mango was butchered as bad as any song disaster I've experianced. I hope they practice the chorus before trying it again live. Sand had a great jam in it and Pebbles and Marbles was nice. But the band was not on the same page during set one. Trey was lost, totally lost. Honestly, listen to Curtain and skip the rest of this set.

Set 2 was as good as 1 was bad. The Crooseyed was INCREDIBLE. Fluffhead was very strong as well (but there was no segue into 2001....) and the intro to 2001 was spacey as heck. Tweezer was powerful. A great second set and a nice recovery from the set one trainwreck. If you are into Fall of '94, December of '95, or Fall '97 shows, then this isn't your show.
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